Taste Of Fargo-Moorhead: Red River Valley Fair

One good reason to make a trip to the Red River Valley Fair? Nope, not the rides (although those are good too)…the FOOD.

Yesterday, some of the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau staff visited the fair over lunch to check out the food options and sample some of the  unique items that have been the talk of the town recently.

We definitely wanted to try the bacon-stuffed chocolate chip cookie. Yes, you read that right–bacon doesn’t just go with eggs anymore. Chocolate paired with bacon is a popular food trend now. Several vendors at the Red River Valley Fair have chocolate-covered bacon. Cheese curds were also on our list, of course. Other intriguing items were the flavored (strawberry, jalapeno) cream cheese wontons and macaroni and cheese on a stick, but we didn’t get to try them–one can only eat so much!

Bacon-stuffed chocolate chip cookie

First, we had to stroll through all the food vendors and scope out all the options so that we could get a game plan together of who was going to get what from where. Although quite a few items appealed to us, we finally narrowed it down to a nice variety.

Some had corn dogs, two others had tacos from Oof-da Tacos, another had a cranberry wild rice bratwurst and we all shared a “bucket-o-cheese,” which was an assortment of cheese curds.

Oof-da Tacos

For dessert we went with pie from Minneapple Pie, the bacon-stuffed chocolate chip cookie, cookie dough in a dish, and a frozen chocolate-covered banana with nuts.

It’s safe to say we got filled up on fair food. The favorites of our group were the cheese curds, tacos and the chocolate-covered banana. Fair food is a nice treat every once in awhile…just don’t overeat and then go on all the spinny rides! 🙂

The Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo, ND runs through Sunday, July 14. Gate admission is FREE on the weekdays from 11am-1pm (perfect to go for lunch)!