Fargo-Moorhead: A Place All Its Own

This blog post is mostly inspired by the news of the inaugural Misfit Conf being held in Fargo this year, although a few other happenings have helped me conjure up this post. Here is the quote from the Misfit Conf host/founder that struck me as quite profound.

There you have it. Fargo-Moorhead should be on your bucket list simply for the reason that it’s not everyone else’s bucket list–because it’s different. In this day and age, it seems like being different is cool so that must make the F-M area pretty awesome.

It’s like those who have lived in or visited the Fargo-Moorhead area are part of an elite club.

Fargostuff.com hit the nail on the head with these t-shirts:

These t-shirts are great because they make it sounds like living in Fargo-Moorhead or visiting the area is a big deal…and it is. 🙂

Some people say there’s nothing to do or see in the F-M area, but that’s not true. We’ve got really great arts, live music and some unique dining experiences and attractions! Plus, we have a bright economic future and the area has seen a huge amount of development recently. Fargo-Moorhead is also home to some great colleges & universities and lots of young adults to keep the city vibrant! Also worth mentioning is our area’s strong sense of community. The population of the F-M metro is over 200,000 but it feels much smaller. We’ve gotten national media attention because of some of the aforementioned things. Check out this list for some of the articles the area has been mentioned in.

It’s true, Fargo-Moorhead might not compare with Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago or the like. But, if you dare, come visit us in the “middle of nowhere” on the “frozen tundra.” We’ll gladly welcome you and show you what makes the F-M area unique.

The Fargo-Moorhead area is a bit of a misfit…and that’s a good thing, so let’s embrace it.