Catfishing In Fargo-Moorhead

Last summer I had the privilege of going on a catfishing exhibition with Jason Mitchel for his show Jason Mitchell Outdoors.  Although the filming took place last summer the show will be aired this Sunday on Fox Sports North. We started our morning around 6am by fishing on the bank of the river for some Gold Eyes which would be used as cut-bait. Once we had enough cut-bait we unloaded the boat into the Red River right off of 52ndAve S. We stayed within the city limits of Fargo-Moorhead to show the viewers you don’t have to leave home to have great catfishing. For some, it truly is right in your back yard.

In the course of a day and a half we caught 5 catfish, or as I like to call them, giant river monsters. We slowly went up stream and back down stream navigating the river carefully. We saw a lot of wild life while on the river, anything from bald eagles, otters, wild turkeys, deer and course the catfish.

Jason explained the characteristics of the river and places to look for that may be gold mines for catfish. Although we were on a boat, many of the areas were along bends in the river which were easily accessible by shore. Now, I wouldn’t say I am an avid fisher-(wo)man and my patients tend to run thin easily but a fight with a catfish is very exciting and worth the wait! They really do put up a fight!

Check out Jason and myself on Jason Mitchell Outdoors this Sunday (2/24/13) at 9am CST on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Midwest.

The picture below is of the last fish I caught, a trophy size catfish from the Red River, just north of the 52nd street convent landing.