Wheat Mural_Downtown

Murals Of Fargo-Moorhead

Whether or not you appreciate the particular art piece, there’s no denying that street art in the form of murals adds something special to a city’s vibe. Seeing the often unexpected art on the sides of buildings is a nice break from concrete, metal, brick, etc. Over the past couple years, several new murals have been completed in Fargo-Moorhead.…
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FM MIXER 2016 Red River Zoo 34 - Colored Pencil Fence

18 ‘North Of Normal’ Things To Check Out In Fargo-Moorhead

One of the tag lines for the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area is “North of Normal.” While the phrase is more about an attitude and a way of doing things than actual physical assets, we thought it would be fun to highlight a few things in the area that you might not find in any other destination and could be…
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Red River Market Downtown July 46

Five Reasons To Visit The Red River Market In Fargo

A well-curated farmers market is, in my mind, the mark of a great community. It’s incredible and inspiring to see so much support for the local farmers and makers of our region. Even if you’re not someone who firmly believes that vegetables and produce should take up at least half of your plate, the Red…
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North of Normal Dumpster 2

The Prettiest Dumpster In Fargo, ND

Let’s talk about dumpsters. The large, box-like structure you walk past in alleyways that smells like stale milk and sour bread. They are for trash. And also are pretty much invisible. Just as soon as you acknowledge the existence of a dumpster, the thought leaves your mind. Here in Fargo, we like to do things…
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Fargo Brewing Co_@lllx3

A Brief Guide To Fargo-Moorhead Breweries

In the last ten years the craft brewing industry has exploded nationwide and our metro is no exception.  Several craft brewers have opened and flourished in the last few years (and word on the street is that more are coming); odds are if you are from the Fargo-Moorhead area you know them already but if…
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